A bathroom can be the room that sells your home; or the reason it stays on the market for a long time. Most bathrooms could be more appealing by simple updates or a remodel. Here are a few ways homeowners can make their bathroom more appealing to buyers.

Before updating or remodeling your bathroom, take an inventory of exactly what needs to be done. Do you notice anything dirty in appearance even if it’s very clean? Are their cracked or missing tiles around the tub or shower? Would new window fashions add character to the room. Do any of your sink fixtures have missing parts or simply don’t function? Are the cabinet doors clean in appearance and functional? Could the bathroom benefit from a fresh coat of paint or even wall art? With your list in hand, schedule an appointment with a certified interior designer to discuss your bathroom goals. Together you can determine the best method to achieve the results you want.

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1) Consider a Bathtub & Shower

If you have a budget for a remodel along with the physical space in the bathroom, installing a shower & tub may appeal to more buyers. Many people only have shower stalls. While a nice shower stall can be a plus, people LOVE to soak in a tub, making it an advantageous for buyers. In addition to increasing appeal, you’ll also add more value to your home.

2) Replace Missing or Cracked Tiles

Look closely at the bathroom tile and floors. You’ll want to replace any cracked, loose or missing tiles. Tile and flooring that is loose can be fixed the easiest. Cracked tiled can be re-glazed to look new. Missing tiles could be a problem because that tile may not be available anymore or could be hard to find. In some cases, a missing tile can force buyers to purchase and install new tiles across the bathroom.


3) Remove Carpet from Your Bathroom

Never have carpet in your bathroom when you are trying to sell your house. Many people put carpet in their bathrooms to make it warmer for their feet in the winter and some people actually think that the carpet looks better than tile. For 99% of people, carpet in the bathroom is nothing but a mold trap.


4) Update or Install Light Fixtures

Always have lights above the bathroom sink. Also, make sure that all bulbs work. It may sound silly, but many people show off their house to potential buyers with light bulbs blown out.


5) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Make sure that there is a decent sized mirror above your bathroom sink and below or next to a light source. Having a nicer medicine cabinet would be best, as you would also have storage.


6) Think About Color

Neutral colors in a bathroom appeal to both men and women. Many bathrooms are too feminine, so stay with beiges, whites or blues for the bathrooms.


7) Accessorize to Match the Color Palette

First impressions are everything. (No pun intended). People tend to be turned off by mismatching towels and washcloths. In other words, people don’t want to see one White towel and Green washcloth. Make sure bathroom accessories match the color and compliment the walls & flooring of your bathroom.


8) Minimize and Declutter Whenever Possible

Since, you want to show off the bathroom space, never leave clutter out in the open. Leaving clutter on the countertops gives buyers the impression their isn’t much storage space. Also, potential buyers need to be able to see their things in the space, not yours.


Doing these things (which could require a renovation of your bathroom) can add value to a house while increasing the chances of selling your home.

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