Why You Should Opt For Designer Furniture

Like choosing to wear designer clothes, selecting designer furniture makes an individual statement about your style. Purchasing furniture from a large company producing furniture pieces on an assembly line may be convenient and provide basic needs for a home’s interior. The problem is mass produced furniture is designed, and built, with the intention of reaching a large market of like-minded individuals. In other words, the furniture designs and materials are more generic and the quality is inferior to furniture custom-made by hand.

Long Lasting

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for and with mass produced furniture, it will look good and hold up for awhile, but these pieces do not withstand continued use over time. If you have a living room or sitting room decorated in your home using mass produced furniture strictly for visual decoration, the furniture will last longer but if it is used daily or frequently, its life span is limited versus custom-built furniture.

Made to Spec

When choosing designer furniture, the creation of the piece is all up to you. Once you select a reputable custom furniture artisan, you will work with him or her to design the piece or pieces. You will also consider and select the type of wood, choose a style such as Victorian, Queen Anne or Mediterranean, decorative flourishes including carving or inlays, and upholstering material. The piece will be custom made to fit the tone and style you have specifically selected for your home. When working with a custom furniture designer, expect quality and originality versus generic design and sub-par construction.

Retains Value

Like antiques handcrafted in the past that have retained their value through the years, so too, will a handmade custom piece of furniture. Handcrafted furniture is “hands on” making the process much more in-depth, meticulous, critical, and with an eye for detail. The artesian uses quality wood and materials to create the piece versus lesser quality products. An artisan who makes designer furniture has a reputation to preserve and maintain resulting in items produced will be of the highest caliber. These factors ensure the piece will not only last and retain its initial value, well into the future, but also increase in value with time.

Handcrafted designer furniture is the signature style of the person choosing creative furniture and the artist who designs and builds the pieces. Well-made designer furniture is originality at its best with mass produced furniture paling in comparison. If you want the best in quality, style, and materials coupled with your vision of what you want the furniture to look like, choosing designer furniture will guarantee you get your money’s worth.


First Impressions has an extensive library of trade sources from sofas and sectionals to dining sets and accent tables. We offer the finest furniture styles from premium sources at competitive prices. Visit our Walnut Creek Showroom for a sampling of manufacturers and designers that deal with “to-the-trade only”, which may not be available to the public. 

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