Redesigning your home’s decor is an exciting project, whether you’re doing it simply for a new look and feel or with an eye to improving the saleable value of your property. Although taking on the entire project yourself can be fun and satisfying, it can also be costly if all doesn’t go to plan, and inspiration isn’t always easy to conjure up.

No matter the size of a home remodeling project, a professional interior designer will help you make a success of it in more ways than you might first imagine, and at a cost that won’t break your budget. Here are just ten of the reasons it’s well worth hiring one.


1)  An Expert Eye for a Room

For a professional, interior design will be a passion, and they will instinctively see possibilities in the space you want to transform, far beyond what may occur to the amateur eye. Even more importantly, they will have the experience to spot any potential problems with a room and account for them during the design process rather than having to spend extra money solving problems once work has begun.

2)  Flexibility and Experience

Although a designer will always like to inject a little of their own personality into a project, that is not their primary job. They’re there to interpret your ideas and make them happen, using their experience, training, and talent to help you achieve more than you could alone.

3)  Accounting for Detail

When drawing up a plan, an interior designer will account for everything that needs to be done before the work is started, unlike an amateur who can easily overlook vital things that will take both time and money to put right if discovered in the middle of a project.

4)  Color Combination Expertise

This is another benefit of the wide experience a talented interior designer will have accrued – they will have developed a good eye for color and how it works in practice, not just in the pages of home decoration magazines and materials catalogs.

5)  Wider Knowledge of Possibilities

Browsing through interior design articles can give you only so much inspiration, whereas a professional designer will have a much deeper knowledge of the range of materials, furniture, and accessories that are available. Their guidance will give you a much wider choice of how to achieve the effects you want from your project.

6)  Practicality of a Design

Although an interior designer might be hired in part for their inspiration and creativity, a good one will also have strong expertise in the practicality of a design and the materials used. Will the work stand the test of time when put together in a real life home? Will the materials used look as good in a few years as they do on the day the work is finished? A professional will work with you to come up with a design that will impress in the long term as well as the short.

bay-area-interior-designer7)  Save Money with Previews

Once a general outline of the desired outcome has been drawn up, the interior designer can produce a detailed and accurate preview of how things will turn out. This will allow you to make a final decision on whether to go ahead before committing to materials and work, and so avoiding potentially costly mistakes when the results don’t match your mental image.

8)  Budgeting Experience

Professional designers will know from experience how much a project is likely to cost, and whether your ideas and hopes are feasible within the confines of your budget. This removes the risk of getting stranded half way through a badly planned project because funds have run out.

9)  Coordination of Work

A good interior designer will do much more than simply provide inspiration and planning. Depending on what level of involvement you would like for yourself, they will be able to liaise with other specialist contractors from decorators to electricians, carpenters to architects, to ensure the work is done correctly and on time with the minimum of stress caused for you.

10)  Sourcing Advantages

Finally, an experienced and successful interior designer will have built up a network of expert suppliers who can provide the best materials at the most favorable prices, and also accomplished contractors who can carry out all the physical work to the highest standards, taking all this worry off your hands.


Whether you’re planning on giving a single room a new look, or embarking on a remodel of your entire home, employing the services of an interior designer will give you superior results and ensure your costs stay on track.


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