You have decided to remake your living room to make it more functional and relaxing. You also want it to look nice when company comes over. You decide to go to your home improvement store and look around for something that strikes your fancy. That is probably the worst choice when it comes to finding inspirations for your home interior design project. You will become overwhelmed with the choices and probably not choose well. The best course of action is to search for inspiration beforehand in a variety of places to see what you like or do not.

1) Internet


A good place to start is the internet. Numerous sites online have a host of ideas for interior designing any room in your house. HGTV has a website as well as a television channel with many ideas to spark your imagination. Better Homes and Gardens’ website has many ideas also. Look for the Color-a-Room page for inspiration on colors. A search for home interior design will come up with much more to spark your interest. Many of our client’s find HOUZZ a tremendous resource for inspiration on their home interior design projects. You simply type in a style or room color and the results begin populating your page.

2) Local Library

Your local library can be a nice resource also. They have numerous books and magazines on home interior design, and many are free for the borrowing. You can read up on styles and find what matches your tastes. Reading about how the professionals put together a room will help you in your quest also. If you do not consider yourself to be creative, this step can help to spark it.

3) Open Houses

Next you can go to open houses in your area. Looking at how others design their rooms can give you ideas on what to do or not do. Pick out the colors and textures you like. Look at patterns and how they work or don’t. Look at everything from the flooring to walls to furniture. Notice how it all comes together or not. Not every open house will have your taste as individual tastes vary, and some can be downright tacky. You are there for inspiration only, not to copy someone else.

4) Interior Design Showrooms

home-interior-design-showroom-walnut-creekGo into fabric or wallpaper stores and look at the different colors and textures. Looking over the selection can be a great inspiration on what you want to use to decorate your room. Make sure you look at everything close up and from about 10 feet away as there can be a difference in how it will look. Get samples that you can take home of companion fabrics that you could use as accents or trims. Spread them out at home and tape them on a wall. Continue to look at them for a week and see what speaks to you. Drape the fabric over a chair cushion or pillow and see if they still stand out. Seeing them in your room will help you visualize how it will look. If you’re in the San Francisco East Bay, visit First Impressions Interior Design Showroom they have an extensive library of fabrics, window fashions, furnishings, furniture, bedding and accessories.

Taking the time to learn and look at many different home interiors before buying will go a long way in helping you design your home. You will have a better understanding of what works and what does not. You will discover all there is out there and what your tastes are. You will spend your time and and money more wisely, and be pleased with the results.

By Linda Courtney


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