When ordering window treatments, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of lining drapery panels. In fact, did you know that almost all custom-made draperies or curtains are lined? That’s right. While lining drapery panels may not seem like a necessary step – lining actually offers several benefits.

1)  Helps window treatments last longer

This is probably the most important reason people consider lining drapery panels. And we agree. Lining your window treatments protects the luxurious fabric you selected from being eaten or weathered by the sun. The fabric on the interior of your window treatments are thereby shielded from the harsh rays of the sun, extending even the most delegate of fabrics a longer window life.

2)  Boosts the opacity of the treatment providing more privacy

Another popular reason people consider lining drapery panels is privacy. Especially during evening hours, many fabrics are only semi-private. Lining drapery panels boosts the opacity of the treatment giving a bedroom or bathroom window complete privacy.

3)  Adds more body to the drapery

Some interior designers would argue that draperies and curtains look better when they are lined. One of those reasons is because lining drapery panels helps thinner fabrics drape better at the window and makes them look thicker.

4)  Provides various draperies a  uniformed look from outside

In most cases, drapery linings are created from White or Ivory fabric, while the interior fabrics match the room decor. So from the exterior of the home, lining drapery panels make them look alike from the outside created a wonderful unified look.

5)  Creates a richer color for the face side of the fabric

Without lining drapery panels, your fabric may appear washed out during daytime hours from the sunlight coming through the fabric. A proper lining placed behind your drapes or curtains will give the front (interior) of your window treatments a richer appearance.

6)  Hides imperfections in some fabrics such as silk

When using silk for your custom window treatment, it’s natural to have imperfections in the drapes; however they’re more pronounced without a liner. Lining drapery panels made from silk helps hide those natural imperfections and protects your fabric.

7)  Offers additional window insulation

Lining drapery panels actually offer more insulation at the window, in turn saving the homeowner both heating and cooling expenses year round.

8)  Opaque options block out all light

Drapery liners are available in opaque (room darkening) options. In other words if you’d like to opportunity to block out all light at the window, this is a great option. We have many clients you consider lining drapery panels with opaque options for a children’s bedroom, media room or someone needing to sleep during the day.

Whether you’re planning one custom window treatment, or remodeling  your entire home, consulting with a window treatment specialist will help you achieve exactly what you need.

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